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When quality becomes a commitment

JP´s dedication to quality is focused on its employees, its clients and in the community.

It is a formal commitment taken by the administration that is understood, respected and assumed by all its employees and staff.
Nature, technology, quality and respect are the words behind this commitment that reflects the real beliefs of a company that strives to preserve and promote life.

The company has the following quality certificates:

- Certificate EN ISO 9001:2000 / EN ISO 13485:2003 for Collection and Transference Bags;

- Good Manufacturing Practices for Health Products (Blood Bags);

- Good Manufacturing Practices for Large Volume Parenteral Solutions (LVPS);

- EC Certificate for Collection and Transference Bags.

Social Responsibility:

Empresa parceira - Programa bom de nota. Bom de bola 2002, exemplo de cidadania

JP Farmacêutica is an Adoptive Partner in the "Bom de Nota, Bom de Bola" Program (Excellence in School and Soccer), which encourages better school grades for needy children attending public schools, through learning and practicing sports.

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