Sodium chloride + calcium chloride 2H2O + sodium lactate + magnesium chloride 6H2O


Presentations: 5L


MS Register: 1.0491.0063


Lactasol is indicated as dialysis solution in the following treatments: Continuous venus hemofiltration (CVVH), Hemodialysis Continuous veno-venous (CVVHD). In Haemodiafiltration venovenous Continuous (CVVHDF), it can be used both as a dialysate solution as replacement. Lactasol is used to treat patients with acute renal failure. The goals of treatment are: fluid balance control; Control plasma electrolytes; Control of acid-base balance; breakdown products of tissue removal and protein catabolism.
The goals of treatment are: fluid balance control; control plasma electrolytes; control of acid-base balance; removal of tissue displacement of products and protein catabolism.
Lactasol is particularly indicated for patients who have hyperkalemia. In patients with severe metabolic acidosis, where metabolism is very acid, it must first be corrected before treatment and use of Lactasol solution.


It should not be used in hypertensive patients with acidosis, important where there is increased lactate.