20% Mannitol in a closed system
Injectable solution of mannitol 20%


Presentations: PVC bags and 250 ml polyethylene bottles in Closed System.


MS Register: 1.0491.0012.


The mannitol solution is suitable for promoting diuresis, for the prevention of acute renal failure during cardiovascular surgery and / or after trauma; reducing intracranial pressure and treatment of brain edema; reduction of intraocular pressure when it cannot be reduced by other means; glaucoma attack; promoting urinary excretion of toxic substances; cerebral edema of cardiac and renal origin; production diuretic in the treatment of refractory edema and ascites.


The mannitol solution is contraindicated in patients with complete anuria, severe cardiac decompensation, active intracranial hemorrhage, severe dehydration and pulmonary edema. The mannitol solution should never be added to whole blood for transfusion or may be administered in the same intravenous line used for blood infusion.