Social responsibility


Labor gymnastics
Aiming to physical well-being, the prevention of diseases related to work activities and improving the quality of life of employees, the company offers a physiotherapist three times a week to perform physical exercises in different areas of the company.

Campaigns for blood donation

JP conducts frequent internal campaigns to raise awareness and encourage employees to donate blood, and also when there are crises in the city’s inventory, Ribeirão Preto Blood banks turn to JP to recompose your need.


Waste disposal
The constant concern with the environment as well as environmental awareness and education, makes JP Farmacêutica adopt a strict policy on the disposal of their waste, which is consistent with the current rules and laws. Sustainability policies were also adopted, making the correct separation of recyclable waste and proper disposal of these items.


Casa das Mangueiras
Casa das Mangueiras is an organization supporting young people at social risk. The relationship of JP Farma with the entity went through different times, including the project of inclusion of young people in the labor market, through which the company provided jobs, offering the possibility of learning and development. Nowadays with changing entity’s profile, JP holds monthly contributions that support the different projects that the institution offers to the community.