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8.4% Sodium Bicarbonate Solution

8.4% Sodium Bicarbonate Solution

Presentation: Injectable solution, clear liquid, colorless, sterile, pyrogenic and free of particles. Colorless polyethylene bottle in 250 mL volume

Indications: This medicine is indicated for the treatment of metabolic acidosis (excess of acid or lack of base in the blood), associated or not with severe cases of kidney disease (in the kidneys), uncontrolled diabetes, circulatory failure caused by shock or severe dehydration, bleeding, cardiac arrest or lactic acidosis. It is indicated in the treatment of non-specific detoxifications, cardiorespiratory resuscitation maneuvers, urinary alkalization, adjuvant in the treatment of diarrhea and prophylactic treatment in the treatment of uric acid kidney stones.


This drug is contraindicated in the case of:

Metabolic or respiratory alkalosis (increase in blood pH)

Hypocalcemia reduced blood calcium concentration

Hypernatremia (increased blood sodium concentration)

Hypervolemia (increased blood volume)

Patients with renal failure (impaired kidney function)

Hypoventilation (decrease in the amount of air in the lungs)

Loss of chlorine due to vomiting or continuous gastrointestinal suction

Chloride depletion (chlorine ions)

Patients using diuretics (drugs that increase urine flow)


Bicarbonate register number:

Register M.S. nº 1.0491.0071.001-6

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