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Closed System Lactate Ringer’s Solution – 5 liters

Closed System Lactate Ringer’s Solution – 5 liters

Sodium chloride + potassium chloride + calcium chloride + sodium lactate solution for injection.


Presentation: Injectable, clear, sterile and non-pyrogenic solution. PVC bags in closed system, 5000 mL volume

Indications: The JP Ringer Lactate Product is indicated as a diluent for veterinary drugs.


Clean and disinfect the application site in order to avoid local inflammation and its complications due to microbial contamination.

Do not use the product after its expiration date.

Do not use the product on animals with a history of hypersensitivity to formula components. Discontinue use when any type of adverse reaction is detected.

Any product leftovers and used packaging must be discarded.

Do not reuse empty packaging.

Prior to administration, parenteral solutions should be visually inspected for particulate matter, solution turbidity, cracking, and any tampering with the primary packaging.

Do not perforate the packaging, as there is compromised sterility of the product and risk of contamination.

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